About Us

What is Upcycled Library?

Upcycled Library was born out of a love for books and library nostalgia, as well as upcycling/recycling.

The “Upcycled” part comes from taking used books and turning them into something new. Don’t feel bad for the books! All books used have been previously read and loved. This shop has a strong sense of environmental responsibility as well. Recycled materials are used as much as possible for all aspects of this business and minimal waste is created. The entire book is used for products, packing materials, and promotional materials. Nothing is wasted. Anything that absolutely cannot be used for whatever reason is recycled.

It’s called Upcycled “Library” because of the books, library due date cards and Dewey decimal numbers used throughout the shop. Customer orders are regarded as permanent “check outs” of titles. No need to worry about fines here!

Meet the Maker/Owner: Kelly

I was an English major in college; I loved all of my literature classes, reading great works and talking about their meaning. From there I went on to graduate school and received a master’s in Library and Information Science, so technically I really am a librarian—I don’t just play one on Etsy!

Upcycled Library has provided me this awesome creative outlet where I can give old books new life. Who wouldn’t want to rock their favorite book in a necklace or on their living room wall?

I seek to incorporate the traditional paper book into everyday life in this day and age of digital. I make bookish items that I think other book nerds would like as much as I do.